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Igor Leitsonok. Tallinn (Estonia) - my native city.

It has turned out that since the early childhood me impetuously pulled to sing, pull at strings, to knock on keys of musical instruments which came across under a hand that caused rough delights of associates:    "As  the boy well sings!". And the boy sang everywhere, sang aloud, sang about itself, sang in thoughts. Having had heard plenty in an early youth «Beatles», «Pink Floyd», etc., I have understood that I will    compose  the songs by myself.

The first steps in writing have been made even during study: Leningrad (St.-Petersburg), LVIMU a name of an admiral S.O. Makarov from 1980 till 1985 Then work in a merchant marine fleet till 1997.
Happens nothing simply so. The fatal meeting in Tallinn and acquaintance to Miroslav Safin in 1990 has impulsed my creativity. Without its careful and professional participation on a voluntary basis (arrangements, material registration, record and the mixing) I, probably, would not realise at that time the abilities and possibilities. Thanking its persistent help and its sparking talent, I had an itching, intolerable requirement to  puzzle more people with my creativity.

The sea, work, music in holidays between flights, then business ashore.
Somehow Miroslav Safin has told to me at a meeting: «God has allowed to you gift to compose music and to put words in verses, means, it is necessary to give this gift to people». From this point on my creativity  left on a new coil.

My further cooperation with such people as Igor Volk (the owner «Wolk Recording Studio», the sound producer) and Alexander Volk (producing, arrangements, programming) has led as a result to release in 2009 of my first album Le Gor (old name Le Cott) «Scenary № 1». The album left in Russian.

I can not write senseless texts, I try to enclose in them the semantic maintenance. It would be desirable to share the thoughts and vision of the world with other people.
Maybe my songs will help someone to look in another way at themselves, on the world and that occurs in their life. I try to do music which «touches soul».

I am am pleased very much with that my songs are pleasant not only audiences «for 30-40 years and is more senior», but also youth, beginning from 15-20 years.
As one young guy has told: «Your songs very good, but I do not like to listen to them! Because at once you start to listen attentively, reflect, and I would not like it yet … Also all of them play in a head all the time!».

That is pleases!